C-shaped wooden clamp with whale ivory utilitarian components and decorative embellishments. Whale ivory mounts at top support an original fabric-covered pincushion. Two carved and stepped ivory bodkin are inserted into slots on upper edge of C., and three thread winders are mounted on each side , for a total of 6. Shield shaped adjustment knob screws into lower edge decorated with inlaid diamonds and hearts. Decorative relief- carved panels on edges are backed by metal or glass  and are mostly in geometric designs, though one depicts a whale. Just a wonderful piece of American folk , probably a "Sweet Heart ", gift from a very skillful Whaleman. 

Dealer George Spiecker / Fine Americana
Date: C.1850
Artist/Maker Talented Whaler
Measurements Length 4.75 in.
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Website http://www.fineamericana.com
Price SOLD
Contact George Spiecker, 913-269-8775 or  g.spiecker@comcast.net

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