Historically Important Sampler. Young Women’s Social Status in Early America

New England, dated 1774, needlework of silk on linen wrought by 16 year old Sally Simonds.
Neatly compartmentalized alphabets above an intriguing verse regarding a women’s role in early society just as the American Revolution was about to unfold. Beneath the verse are birds, sheep, and potted floral devices.

I ask not wit nor beauty do I crave
Nor wealth nor pompous titles
Whish (sic) to have but since tis doomd (sic)
Thro (sic) all degrees of life whether a
Daughter Sister or a wife that
Female should the stronger males
Obey and yeild (sic) implicit to their
Lordly sway since this I say is evry (sic)
Womans (sic) fate give me a mind to
Suit my Slavish state.

The misspellings add to the story and speak to Sally's level of education at the time.

Well presented in a 19th century frame of about 20 inches tall x 10 wide. Excellent condition with a couple of trivial holes. It's all about the date and verse as it relates to women’s social status; scarcely found written in this period.  Bold and perhaps brash in her commentary, particularly by one so young…a special object and of uncommon earliness.

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