Portrait Miniature Attributed to Clarissa Peters Russell (Mrs. Moses B. Russell)

Boston, ca. 1840's. A handsome little blue-eyed baby boy, in blue dress, grasping foliage, in a gold locket that may have been worn about the neck. Later it was housed in a period frame, with glass front, acting like a shadow box. The condition of the watercolor is superb. Tiny specks under his chin are on the inside of the shadow-box glass, not on the locket or painting itself. The portrait is about 2 inches tall, the locket ads another half inch. The outer framed shadowbox is 6 x 4 3/4. Clarissa Peters Russell was a miniaturist well known for her delicate depictions of children. Unlike the other miniature painters working in Boston, Mrs. Russell continued to work prolifically despite the rising popularity of the daguerreotype. When Clarissa Russell died in 1854, the story was front page news in Boston. See for reference: American Portrait Miniatures, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Abrams. Provenance: Washington DC area private collection..

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