MASTERPIECE CARVED PINWHEEL BOWL. Among the finest and rarest of all Colonial bowls extant

Northeast America, ca. 1770-1810. Maple. Original natural surface with the best color one could hope for. Remarkable movement and energy owing to the fluidity and boldness of the convex pinwheel as it gracefully bends and swells from center to rim and around the three-dimensional geometry. Challenging to lay out let alone carve, this bowl was slow-lathe turned to the basic bowl shape, then the exterior made extraordinary by an imaginative, expert wood carver also capable in mathematics. Even most pinwheels on case pieces are much more restrained (flatter and more linear). Although pinwheels are seen on 17th/18th century furniture from the Carolinas to northern New England, this bowl was most likely made in Connecticut as the animated carving compares to the free-spirited fans and pinwheels of CT case pieces, especially from the circle of Samuel Loomis. Boston/Salem and Rhode Island also possible. Superior condition without apology. Out-of-round shrinkage to a subtle oval. Robust in hand. Complex patina from handling (it was really used). About 15 inches x 14 inches in diameter x 4 1/4 deep. Provenance: Private collection acquired long ago at a charity shop in or near Marshfield, Massachusetts. After extensive research this bowl appears to be without precedent; unparalleled; unique.

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