Chinese Export Porcelain Blue Enamel Fitzhugh Sauce Tureen, Cover and Stand, Circa 1810.

Chinese Export Blue Enamel Fitzhugh Porcelain Sauce Tureen, Cover and Stand,
Circa 1810.


The rare Chinese Export tureen is of an oval footed form with a dark blue floral knop and strap handles. The tureen, cover, and stand are decorated in the Fitzhugh pattern but rather than in underglaze blue, this tureen is in a blue overglaze enamel. Few pieces are known is this manner and it is most probable that all known pieces come from the same service probably made for the Swedish market.


Dimensions: Length of tureen: 7 1/2 inches


Reference: Collecting Chinese Export Porcelain, Elinor Gordon, 1977, col. pl. IX for illustration of gold and blue enamel plate.

& Selections from a Promised Gift: The Daniel and Serga Nadler Collection of Chinese Export Porcelain, Winterthur Museum, Gardens and Library.


Fitzhugh Pattern Porcelain for British and American Markets, 1780–1820

The name Fitzhugh for this pattern derives from an association with a blue and white service ordered around 1780 by Englishman Thomas Fitzhugh. Fitzhugh served from 1786 to 1800 in Guangzhou (Canton) as a director of the British East India Company.

Fitzhugh porcelain survives in a large range of dinner-, beverage- and ornamental-ware shapes and was popular in America..... Yellow, black, or mulberry enameled Chinese Fitzhugh wares, as well as those bearing blue enamel and gilt ornament, are particularly rare.

Dealer Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc.
Date: 1810
Origin China
Measurements Length of tureen: 7 1/2 inches
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Price 2500
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