Diminutive Paint Decorated Case of Drawers

Vermont, dated 1873. Original paint decoration on pine with cut-nail joinery. Turned wooden pulls also original. Molded applied crest rail over 4 over 3 over 2 over 1 long drawer, the graduated drawer and pull arrangement designed to enhance the vertical lift. Interior of back boards branded with "MADE BY EDGAR _OWELL BRA__ORD VT NOV. _873, with some of the lettering obscured by drawer dividers. As with other chests of this type that I have seen, each drawer is made to fit the specific opening in which it is placed. Likely used to store spices in a home as the drawer front paint condition is too good to have survived frequent in-store handling. Painted surface is dry with appealing patina and craquelure. Very small size at about 17 1/2 inches tall x 15 5/8 wide at the crest molding (14 5/8 at the case), and 7 1/2 deep at the crest molding (7 at the case). Remains in a very high state of originality.

Dealer Don Olson
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