Paint Decorated Box featuring HEART Shaped Flowers

New England, Pennsylvania, or New York State, ca. 2nd quarter, 19th century. Pine top and bottom, chestnut or ash sides. Very thick-walled, stoutly-made round box with single finger on the lid, profusely decorated with flowers, berries, lining, and cross-hatching in a manner similar to paint decorated tinware of the period. A delightful and seldom-seen characteristic is that yellow flowers are shaped like little hearts, indicating this box to be a love token or for a special event such as wedding, anniversary, or birthday. The box retains an early resin over-varnish (likely shellac), which is "dryer" on the top (with more craquelure) than the sides, as airborne particles from the fire were more likely to fall on the horizontal surface of the lid than the vertical sides. Superb structural condition with no cracks, and deep rich patina under the base. 3 5/8 inches tall x 6 5/8 diameter. Terrific box.

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