2'9" x 3'4" Antique Kurdish Bag Face,

A large Kurdish bag face, probably woven in northwest Persia and possibly by a member of the Jaff Kurdish tribe. A single “Memling Gul” decorates the cobalt blue field, which is framed by an ivory interior guard border with stylized flowerheads and an oxidized brown outer border with geometric motifs.

An end panel appears at the lower end, which also retains part of the kilim end finish. Closure tabs appear at the top end.

Dealer Douglas & Helen Stock / Douglas Stock Gallery
Date: Circa 1900
Origin Northwest Persia
Artist/Maker Anonymous Kurdish weaver in northwest Persia
Measurements 2'9" x 3'4"
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Website https://douglasstockgallery.com
Price $ 2,800
Contact Helen or Douglas Stock, (781) 205-9817 or  douglas@douglasstockgallery.com

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