Outstanding 19thc Folk Art Fetish Memory Jug

This one speaks.


No typical sweetness or quaint souvenirs that so often dot memory jugs, but a meticulous interplay of the natural world anchored by many small animal bones. 


MAN: Mirror at center, other reflective surfaces and full length doll. 

ANIMAL: Bisque House Cat, Bird, Brass Lion and Cock with Saber.

NATURE: Peach Pits, Fruit Seeds & Sliced Nuts. 

FETISH: Wishbones, Chicken or other small fowl sawed single Vertebrae, what appears to be a rat's tooth and mandible along with a wood treen scrap with brass rattles / bells.


A few buttons, bits of jewelry and sea glass do present as fills. The brass Rooster with Sword refers to the Democratic Party and General Winfield Scott Hancock’s bid for the Presidency in 1880. 


Found in an Indiana collectors estate though no direct provenance for this piece exists, strongly suggests a Southern makers origin. 


Stands 10" H x 8" in diameter with presence, the weight of the clay and the tone rather imposing. 


High sculptural relief and intricate surface has held up remarkably well with only lose to cat's foot and damage to thinnest of shells. 


There are two voids where nuts came loose at time of creation and the swampy gold patina is consistent. 


Important example worth further study. 

Dealer Natalie M. Curley
Date: 1880s/90s
Origin Unknown
Artist/Maker Anonymous
Measurements Stands 10" x 8" diameter.
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Website https://nataliemcurley.com
Price 1500
Contact Natalie Curley, 412 573 1352 or  curleysden@gmail.com

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