3.10 x 7.8 Antique Kazak Rug With Lattice and Star Design, Southwest Caucasus, Circa 1900

3.10 x 7.8 Antique Kazak Rug, Lattice and Star Design, Southwest Caucasus, Circa 1900

The ivory “crab” design major border of this rug suggests it was woven in the Karabagh region in the south Caucasus but the weave, with red wefts (horizontal foundation threads), is more indicative of rugs woven further west in the Kazak region. The ivory field is decorated with a lattice and star design. The polychromatic triangles in the guard borders are particularly beautiful.

The rug has mostly natural dyes but contains a fuchsine dye, an early synthetic dye with a soft purplish hue. The presence of fuchsine in a rug is a double edged sword, in the sense that for people who insists on only natural dyes, it is a synthetic dye. The flip side is that the use of fuchsine was discontinued circa 1900, so its presence confirms that a rug is genuinely old. A subjective choice for respective buyers.

This Kazak is very decorative and would be great in a kitchen or foyer where the ivory field and cheerful colors would brighten the area. It is equally well suited for traditional or modern interiors.

Dealer Douglas & Helen Stock / Quadrifoglio Gallery
Date: Circa 1900
Origin Southwest Caucasus
Artist/Maker Anonymous weaver, southwest Caucasus
Measurements 3.10 x 7.8
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Website https://quadrifogliogallery.com
Price $ 5,950
Contact Douglas Stock, (781) 690-5710 or  douglas@quadrifogliogallery.com

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