Gail and Rich Mellin

Gail and Rich Mellin specialize in Chinese export porcelain with the “Canton” decoration. The Mellin's have been antiques dealers since 1977 starting in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, as general line dealers.


When they moved to Redding, Connecticut, in 1982, they began specializing in Canton. The Mellin's efforts are focused on helping their customers build exceptional collections. 


Canton is one of the most widely recognized Chinese export porcelains in America. It is easily recognized by the familiar blue and white “hills and streams” landscape decoration.

The Mellin's are always on the hunt for the rare and unusual Canton pieces and they maintain one of the largest active Canton inventories in the country. 

Contact:   Gail & Rich Mellin
PO Box 1115
Redding,  Connecticut 06875
Phone: 203-733-1490
E-mail: Gail@Mellin.US
Does Appraisals
State: Connecticut
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