Eastern Woodlands Scoop with Carved Fish

Beautiful, tactile, and simply carved scoop with a large fish carved on top of handle. Thickness of handle gracefully tapers to slender bottom of scoop. The fish is simply carved but is elegant in form.

Later but old varnish shows wear on inner bowl of scoop giving a glimpse of the patina of constant use. The varnish is in a warm honey color and has been on for a long time.

display stand made for scoop is included.


Dealer Scott Bassoff, Sandy Jacobs Antiques
Date: Early 19th C
Origin Eastern North American
Artist/Maker eastern woodlands Native American
Measurements 10" long, 4 1/4" wide
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Website http://www.scottbassoffsandyjacobsantiques.com
Price Sold
Contact Sandy Jacobs, (603) 801-5532 or  sandyjnh1@gmail.com

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