[Quaker/Maryland Interest] Eight Volumes

This is an interesting group of books I bought at an estate auction in Cecil County, MD ten or fifteen years ago.  Each bears a small pasted label inside the front cover identifying them as once belonging to the "Library of Nottingham, Preparative Meeting of Friends", located in present-day Rising Sun, Maryland.  Left to right according to first photo:


1)  Evans, Thomas.  A Concise Account of the Religious Society of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers; Embracing a Sketch of their Christian Doctrines and Practices.  Philadelphia: For Sale at Friends' Book Store, 84 Arch Street. 1856.


2)  Lewis, Enoch.  Essay on Baptism; Shewing that the Baptism of the SPirit, and Not with Water, is the True Christian Baptism.  Philadelphia: Uriah Hunt, Nathan Kite.  1839.


3)  Some Account of the Life and Religious Labours of Samuel Neale.  Philadelphia:  James P. Parke.  1806. 


4)  Lewis, Enoch.  A Dissertation on Oaths.  [Philadelphia]:  Uriah Hunt, Nathan Kite.  1839.  (This volume has a manuscript presentation to the Friends' library instead of the printed one.)


5)  Barclay, Robert.  A Treatise on Church Government.  Formerly called Anarchy of the Ranters, &c.  Being a Two-Fold Apology for the Church and People of God, Called, In Derision, Quakers.  Philadelphia:  Joseph Rakestraw.  1830.  (Diagonal chip to pages 1-3 barely affecting text and not affecting legibility.)


6)  Barclay, Robert.  A Catechism and Confession of Faith, approved of and agreed unto by the General Assembly of the Patriarchs, Prophets, and Apostles, Christ himself Chief Speaker in and among them.  Philadelphia:  Joseph Rakestraw.  1834. 


7)  Tract Association of Friends, n.d, Nos 33-65 bound together.


8)  Penn, William.  A Brief Account of the Rise and Progress of the People Called Quakers.  Philadelphia: Joseph Rakestraw.  1816.  (Moderate foxing throughout, spine repaired with tape. 


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