Large Sailor's Woolwork or Sailor's Woolie of a Fully Dressed Royal Navy Battleship Probably H.M.S. Victoria


Large Sailor's Woolwork or Sailor's Woolie of a Fully Dressed Royal Navy Battleship, Probably H.M.S. Victoria,

Circa 1865. (NY9206/INRR)


The sailor's woolie depicts a First-rate Royal Navy Battleship mostl likely HMS Victoria which was the first British Battleship with two funnels. The ship is at anchor and "Fully Dressed" and three large flags on the three masts- a White ensign from the foremast, the Royal Standard from the mainmast and a Union Jack from the Mizzenmast. The Royal Standard is flown when a member of the Royal Family is on board. There is also a Union Jack at the bow showing an Admiral is on board.


The ship with two funnels is at anchor on a nicely coloured blue sea with multiple small waves depicted. All within a dark wood frame. The rigging is finely depicted in three-dimensions. The guns are depicted with beads and the rope ladders and gallery are well done with gilt thread. The colour is remarkably well preserved with the blue sky still with its original colour. The billowing clouds are unusually shown with a sown raised border to create a very distinctive design.


Dimensions: Frame: 29.5” " x 27” (75cm x 68cm); Sight: 23" x 20.5” (58cm x 52cm);

Dealer Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc.
Date: 1875
Origin England
Measurements 29.5” " x 27”
Price 10000
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