Painted Coat of Arms on Canvas, Motto- Esto Vigilans. 18th century

Painted Coat of Arms on Canvas,
Motto- Esto Vigilans.
18th century


The unusual coat of arms is painted on canvas.The arms depict a statant goat argent quartering three chickens or cockerels argent. The motto Esto Vigilans meaning Be Watchful is below, all within a black mantling.



One possible name for the coat of arms is as follows-

Reference: The coat of Arms is similar to that shown here with a varient on trhe crest.

America Heraldica : a compilation of coats of arms, crests and mottos of prominent American families settled in this country before 1800" (1887), Page 216.

Thomas Lloyd, the colonist, was the third son of Charles LlOYD of Dolobran, and of Elizabeth STANLEY (of the great house of Stanley). He espoused the Quaker faith, and joined William Penn in the colonization of Pennsylvania, where he was Deputy-Governor, Master of the Rolls, and President of the Council (1684-1693).

He had come over to America in 1683, and died in Philadelphia in 1694. There are no descendants of his in the male line.

The Lloyds of Dolobran, still count among the leading families of Great Britain. [Lloyd and Carpenter Genealogy, 1870;

Quartered—Ist and 4th: Sa., a he-goat, passant, arg. 2nd and 3d: Az., three cocks, arg., armed and combed, gu.

Crest : A he-goat, salient.

Motto : Esto vigilans. [Be watchful.]

Dealer Earle D. Vandekar of Knightsbridge, Inc.
Date: 18th C or earlier
Origin England
Measurements Dimensions: 21 3/4 inches high x 19 1/4 inches wide x 1 3/4 inches deep.
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Price 1800
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