Carved by Walter Ketzler, 1893 - 1986.  All original, good patina.

There are four works by Ketzler in the curent "Belalmy" exhibit at the Portsmouth, NH.  Discovery Center. They are in private collections, carved between 1955 -1959.  He is considered to be one of the best Belalmy style carvers.

The folowing information was available. Immigrated to NYC from Germany, where he was a sign painter. Moved to Eliot , Me. in 1955, and worked in Portsmouth.

From a neighbor, we learned he lived on Brixham Road in the old Frost house, torn down a few years ago. "His wife played whist and was a member of the garden club. " "I used to drive my great aunt there when I was a teenager in the 70s."


Dealer George Spiecker / Fine Americana
Date: C. 1955
Origin Eliot, Maine.
Artist/Maker Walter Ketzler
Measurements 25 in. L x 7 W x 6 D.
Price $1400.
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Website http://www.fineamericana.com
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