Portrait Miniature of a Young Woman. JA Davis

New England, likely Rhode Island, yet also possibly south-central New Hampshire, northeastern Massachusetts, or eastern Connecticut, ca. 1830-1840. Watercolor and pencil on paper. Confidently attributed to Jane Anthony Davis. Paintings by "Jane Anthony Davis" were assigned to "JA Davis" until relatively recent discovery of her full identity........Attired in the fashionable full puffy sleeves of the 1830's, this blue-eyed woman has her hair held by a tortoiseshell comb, and wears long earrings and necklace. The lack of proper linear perspective of her tiny hand amplifies the desirable, sought after folky nature of this likeness. Portraits by itinerant artists in this period, pre-photography, were prized as they were often the only visual record of the sitter, and also showed their station and accomplishment. Presented in a terrific grungy-surface early frame which may be original. Frame size about 5 1/4 inches x 4 1/2, retaining original brass hanging hoop. Reference: See "Three New England Watercolor Painters" pp 42-55 for a number of other portraits by Davis. Provenance: Private collection; David Wheatcroft.

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