Brass Saloon Cigar Lighter of a "Punch" Figure. Circa 1880's


This is a "Punch" figure brass cigar lighter of American manufacture,  circa 1880's, that would have been found in American saloons in the late 19th century.  Note the exquisite detail in the casting to the "Punch" figure.

Cigar lighters would have rested on the counter of a saloon and been attached to a gas line creating a small flame. A prospective "smoker" would have leaned over and then lit their cigar over the open flame.  The flame in this example extends out of the mouth of the "Punch" figure.

 A collector of Western Americana should have at least one of these items in his or her collection, since it is so representative of western saloons.

Dealer Clive Devenish Antiques
Date: Circa 1880's
Origin unknown
Artist/Maker unknown
Measurements 8 1/2" high x 4 3/8" dia. at base
Price $1650.
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