Antique Toy Two Car Garage with Autos by Lehman, Germany. Circa 1927


Desirable three piece set consisting of a two car garage, a green sedan, and a yellow racing car; manufactured by leading toy maker from Brandenburg, Germany “Lehman Company”. Made out of tin and hand painted, this toy was patented in 1913 (probably a patent for clockwork mechanism) but manufactured in 1927. Sometimes you see just the garage or just one car (they usually end up on a train layout), but it is very difficult to find all three pieces together and in such wonderful condition. The two cars fit nicely into the garage and perform independently of one and other simply by winding them up and watching them go.

The garage is marked “D.R.G.M.” Made in Germany on the back which is how pre-war German items were marked. It is also labeled #772. It measures 6 1/4″ long  x 7″ wide  x 4 3/8″ high.

The green sedan is marked with the Lehman logo and #765. Patent information is printed on each of the two running boards. It measures 5 5/8″ long  x 2 5/8″ wide  x 2 1/2″ high.

The yellow racing car is marked “Galop” and “Pat’d 2 Dec. 1913; U.S.A. 25 Jan. 1927”. It also has the Lehman logo and “Made in Germany”, along with several other markings. It measures 5 3/4″ long x 2 1/2″ wide  x 2 5/8″ high.

The entire set is intricately made with amazing attention to detail such as the locking garage doors, simulated shingles on the roof, and a realistic hand painted three dimensional figure in the racing car.

Condition of all three pieces is excellent with no restoration, and in all original hand paint. The yellow on the racing car is sharp; the paint on the green car is deep, and the red, green, and white paint on the garage are still very defined and intact. The two cars run very well.

Dealer Clive Devenish Antiques
Date: Circa 1927
Origin Germany
Artist/Maker Lehman
Measurements above
Price $1285
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