Edward S. Curtis (1869-1952) Photogravure of "Geronimo" Dated 1907


Museum quality and very rare native American artifact. This is an original and a very hard to find iconic photograph of Geronimo, the famous Apache Chief done by renowned photographer Edward Curtis. It was taken in March of 1905 the day before Teddy Roosevelt’s presidential inauguration. Geronimo took part in the inaugural parade. The photograph was published in 1907. Geronimo at the time was 76 years old. The photograph is on Dutch Van Gelder paper, and the image measures:

15 1/2” x 10 1/2”;
(A faint perimeter line is visible from the etched copper plate engraving measuring 16" x 12")

overall portfolio is 22” x ”18;
(portfolio is surrounded by an attractive beige linen matte)

with frame: 29 1/2” x 25”.
(frame is a medium oak measuring 1 1/2" wide)

It is labeled “plate no. 2” “John Andrew and Son”.
A limited number of this image exists today and most are in institutions such as the Library of Congress, The Smithsonian, and Northwestern University Library. Only a few are in private collections.

Edward Curtis is considered to be the leading photographer of Native American Indians (especially Southwest). He was born in 1868. In 1906 after proving himself to be an accomplished photographer J.P. Morgan funded Curtis with $75,000 to document and photograph the North American Indians in an effort to preserve their culture for posterity. This is thought to be one of his best images and much sought after by Western collectors.

In his personal notes, Curtis wrote of this image: "This portrait of the historical old Apache was made in March, 1905. According to Geronimo's calculation he was at that time seventy-six years of age, thus making the year of his birth 1829. The picture was taken at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the day before the inauguration of President Roosevelt, Geronimo being one of the warriors who took part in the inaugural parade at Washington. He appreciated the honor of being one of those chosen for this occasion, and the catching of his features while the old warrior was in a retrospective mood was most fortunate."


Excellent all original condition.

Dealer Clive Devenish Antiques
Date: Dated 1907
Origin American
Artist/Maker Edward S. Curtis
Measurements 22" high x 18" wide
Price $17,500.
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