Carved Sandstone Mantel


Cochran family homestead, Oak Dale Farm
Cadiz, Ohio 


Signed and dated by the stone carver, William V. S. Roberts (1780-1859) of Short Creek Township, Harrison County, Ohio

A carved sandstone mantel from Oak Dale Farm, built by Robert Reid Cochran (1771-1861), one of the first settlers in Harrison County. In 1803 Cochran emigrated to Cadiz from Dauphin County, Pennsylvania and established a grist mill on a 200-acre parcel one mile north of town.  He returned to Pennsylvania to marry his wife, Sarah Calhoun (1787-1867) and together the couple moved to Ohio to work the mill and raise a family.  The mill prospered and the Cochrans built a brick residence on the property in the 1820’s which included this highly carved mantel containing a central full-bodied eagle flanked by trees with serpents and urns surrounded by vines.

Trees housing serpents from the Garden of Eden would have been familiar to the man believed to be the carver, William Roberts of neighboring Short Creek Township (7 miles from Cadiz). Roberts was the son of James Roberts (1750-1822), an active pioneer preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church who also served as an area judge and state senator. The Roberts family moved to Short Creek in 1808 after William’s mother died and his father remarried. Little is known of William’s life other than his carved mantel although he is listed on the Short Creek census records up until 1840.

Dealer Kelly Kinzle
Date: 1827
Origin Harrison County, Ohio
Artist/Maker William V.S. Roberts
Price $48,000
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