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Thomas V. Brooks (1828-1895) was a leading American wood carver; he was well known for carving ships and shop figures, particularly his Indian statutes featuring V-shaped headdresses.
Brooks was born in New York City, and apprenticed to John L. Crowell. In 1848, Brooks opened his own shop on South Street, in partnership with fellow carver Thomas Millard.  It is believed that major elements of the New York City show-figure style were developed by Brooks during the 1850s and 1860s.

He later moved to another location in New York City, and eventually to Chicago in 1880-1881. It is thought that leading carver Samuel Anderson Robb apprenticed with Brooks around 1864.

After his death 1895, Brooks’ shops were sold, but his son James continued the business from home until 1905.

Dealer Kelly Kinzle
Date: Circa 1860
Origin New York
Artist/Maker Attributed to Thomas V. Brooks 1828-1895
Measurements H: 70; W:18: D: 17.5
Price $50,000
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