Early Native American Art Form: Scarce Raised Handled Burl Bowl

Northeast Woodlands Indian, likely Iroquois, ca. late 18th/early 19th century. Ash burl in its original, very dry, complex unvarnished surface. Beautiful raised open carved handles. Broad and deep, oblong, measuring almost 20 inches long and across (19 1/4 inches long x 18 1/2 wide x 7 tall). Excellent condition. Sturdy, robust, weighty feel. See North American Burl Treen, Powers, pp 122-124 for other raised-handle Iroquois bowls.

Dealer Don Olson
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Website http://www.donolsonantiques.com
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Contact Don Olson, 585-385-9002 or  earlypieces@aol.com

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