Mechanical Bank "Tammany" Circa 1873

Although "Tammany Bank" was patented and initially produced in 1873, it had quite a long run and was manufactured for many years after that, undergoing several variations; initially being called "Little Fat Man Bank" it was later named "Tammany Bank".

The operation is quite simple; place a coin in the man's hand; the weight of the coin drops his arm and releases the coin into his vest as he "pockets the money". It could be that pocketing the money in his vest he is simulating the corruption of "Boss Tweed", notorious crooked New York politician of Tammany Hall during the 1870's, thus perhaps the name change for the bank at that point in time.

The cast iron bank is in excellent all original condition with no repairs, no repaint and no touch up of any kind. It is one of the better Tammany banks I've had.

It is 4 7/16" long at the base.

Dealer Clive Devenish Antiques
Date: Circa 1873
Origin Cromwell, Connecticut
Artist/Maker J. & E. Stevens Company
Measurements 4 7/16" long (base)
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Price $1595.
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