Girandole Mirror of St. George and the Dragon

Superb Regency carved and gilded girandole mirror of St. George and the Dragon.
The carved crest is a knight astride a rearing horse on a rocky plinth.  The horse (especially the mane and tail) is highly articulated.  St. George has Roman looking armor with an armored skirt (Pteruges). On the right of the crest is a small waterfall or spring that refers to the spontaneous spring that gushed from the alter of the church that was built where he killed the dragon.
At the base is the most wonderful dragon with outstretched wings,marvelous scales and an open mouth reaching for St. George.  Interestingly there is a small shelf behind his head indicating he was probably intended to have a spring loaded candle, so flame would emerge from his mouth during a party.

When I got this mirror -  the dragon and St. George’s horse were gold (very poor gold - flaking) and I was complaining to David (my son) why they didn't make the dragon Antique Verte (green to simulate verdigris).   A couple of days later he called me into the workshop and showed me (after gently picking at the gold on the dragon) that it did, in fact, start out life with Antique Verte on both the dragon and the horse.  I took weeks to carefully remove three separate layers of gold and reveal not only the original green but much more detail (we have photos of this process).

Dealer R. Jorgensen Antiques
Date: 1815
Origin English
Artist/Maker R14807
Measurements 51" x 30"
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Price 18,500.00
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